Validating a model using statistics

04-Mar-2018 19:05

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models is tested against the data in all the other folds.

In this report, the folds are listed by index value, in ascending order.

The validation of qualitative tests differs from the quantitative tests principally since there are no numerical results but binary results, e.g., positive/negative result.

Note You might get different results if you use the input on the Tune Model Hyperparameters module for Optional validation dataset.

So, the model determines the probability of a patient or a healthy individual to be truly classified as infected or noninfected.

This classification is referred as diagnostic sensitivity Se[%] when “the percentage (number fraction multiplied by 100) of subjects with the target condition (as determined by the diagnostic accuracy criteria) whose test values are positive”, and diagnostic specificity Sp[%] when “the percentage (number fraction multiplied by 100) of subjects without the target condition (as determined by the diagnostic accuracy criteria) whose test values are negative” (5.3 of [3]).

Cross-validate also returns predicted results and probabilities for the dataset, so that you can assess the reliability of the predictions.

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A different, and very common way of evaluating a model is to divide the data into a training and test set using Split Data, and then validate the model on the training data.That is because when you use this option, you are in effect specifying a static training dataset and testing dataset.

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