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The Marbles knife I found has a left-pointing serif on the letter "A" as shown in the photo below and several sources that dates it to the period 1919-1930.

Then, according to some sources, the symmetrical aluminum pommel then dates it back to circa WWII (shown here with a later asymmetrical pommel): And here's the perhaps 1919 Marble Ideal knife with a WWII PAL fighting knife: Of course, the fighting knife's heritage in the Marble hunting knives, does call into question statements such as this one I found in an online "military reference" - -A fighting knife, also commonly called a combat knife, is a knife designed for military use, specifically for close combat.

Saving precious wartime steel, weight reduction, yes...

But the "giving the blood a place to squirt out" or relieving "suction" are definite misconceptions.

This ingenious design allowed the Marbles knife to be successfully flat-sharpened (by holding the blade flat) on a flat stone while in the field.

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These blades are forged and Marbles pioneered the fuller in the US ( The name "blood groove" is a myth and these had nothing to do with suction during stabbing) as a way to make a lighter stronger blade. This tidbit from to do a nice job summing it up: Owners of the USMC 1219C2, or k-bar, are probably aware of the term blood groove and are also probably under the impression that these serve some sort of purpose.

Doyler is right about the knife drives in the early part of the war.

Although the government did buy and distribute at least to pilots 5 versions of this pattern of knife at least until the M3 was available.

Camillus, Case and Western where three makers that have been IDed as suppliers of these knives.

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Camillus called it the Army Air Corps and Navy Sheath knife, Case had their pattern 322-5 as a direct purchase by the Army Air Corps, Westerns Baby-Shark is also known to have been in the military supply chain.

That sharpening concept does seem to fall in line with the blade geometry of the Marbles knives.