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31-Dec-2017 23:31

I am wondering what source people are using for Winchester 1894 date of manufacture.I have read that the 1964 changes started with #2,700,000. I have an Army Spruce gun that was supplied to the Army the first week of January 1918 but serial numbers for these rifles list them as 1918 through 1919 manufacture which is not possible. on the 1894 Saddle Ring carbine was easy enough to date it to 1897 mfg. Cody does not have records for 1894's after about 1906 as I think they were burned.

That said, I am still updating my personal database survey with additional verified numbers.

There seems to be no records for the mid 1940's on a yearly basis but numbers suggest that they continued some production. Even the references I use say that some dates are just guesses.

Does anyone know about what year the production numbers become reliable? FWIW, Bert Hartman has been a Moderater on Gunbrokers "Ask the experts" for many years.

When I read where someone says their rifle was made a certain month and year I wonder how they can call it that close. For the past 5 years he has spent at least two weeks a year with a volunteer at the Cody Museum of Firearms research room.

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This is a post that he has made and I hope you find it as informative as I have.

The numbers I have listed below are estimates that are based on my research survey, and they should not be relied upon to determine an "exact" DOM. In some cases, the bins were refilled before the bin was completely empty, and that left on older serial numbered receiver on the bottom of the bin for months, and sometimes a few years.

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