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This built-for-boost stroker combination is none other than the Two-Headed Animal we built in the Aug. It features a Dart block, K1 crank and rods, and JE forged slugs.

Topping the beast was a set of CNC-ported 233 Brodix heads and a matching single-plane intake.

We also installed a Jesel shaft-rocker system, a Milodon pan and oil pump, and a Holley 950 Ultra HP carburetor.

The idea was to compare three different cam profiles on the twin turbo stroker, ranging from mild to wild, then perform the same test after adding the turbo system. Comp Cams provided three custom single-pattern hydraulic roller cam, wherein the intake and exhaust lobes shared the same lift and duration figures.

True to form, the medium cam shifted the effective torque curve, bettering 650 lb-ft from 4,100 rpm to 5,700 rpm (a change of 400 to 500 rpm over the smaller cam).

This produced a powerband of 1,400 rpm, a full 100 rpm broader than the small cam curve and 400 rpm more than the naturally aspirated curve.

The minimal duration produced peak power at just 5,300 rpm, offering peak numbers of 467 hp and 495 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm.

The intended application should dictate the best possible power curve, but for most street applications, low- and mid-range torque make a car much more fun to drive than one with an engine built for peak power.

After running through our three cams in naturally aspirated trim, we performed the same test with some boost.

The turbos, the intercooler, and majority of the plumbing (aluminum and steel tubing, couplers, clamps, and hardware) were supplied by CX Racing (CXRacing.com).

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Having run them successfully a number of times in the past, we selected a pair of 76mm turbos and combined them with a dual-core, air-to-water intercooler.

As is typically the case with cam swaps, eventually peak torque is unchanged (or lowered slightly) and the horsepower gains at higher engine speeds are accompanied by losses lower in the rev range.