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Swinton (1934) and Chakravarti (1935) referred it to the Megalosauridae.

It was even synonymized with Megalosaurus itself by Romer (1956).

She distinguishes it from "velociraptorines" by the absence of apically inclined serrations, despite the fact she earlier describes and illustrates these in the taxon.

Although Milner says dromaeosaurines are distinguished from Nuthetes by their low DSDI and that Nuthetes compares most closely to "velociraptorines", she never actually assigns it to the Velociraptorinae.

However, Milner could have reversed the terms again and the distal carina may be the serrated one.

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Dromaeosaurines, Microraptor and most Sinornithosaurus teeth share this plesiomorphy with Nuthetes. Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeology Society.

This is similar to "velociraptorines" and Sinornithosaurus, but distinct from Dromaeosaurus (whch seemingly always has serrated mesial carinae) and Tsaagan, Microraptor and Cryptovolans (which lack mesial serrations). The ilia are probably the holotype and paratype, but the ischia may be new as BYUVP 4862 are from Dry Mesa.

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