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He founded the Uzbek Composers Union in 1934, wrote the first Uzbek opera Leili and Mejnun in 1939, composed over 100 songs and film scoreshe began his symphonic career before the Second World War.

His output blends Neo-Classical elements into a National Romantic style.

He wrote a total of ten Symphonies (1939–89), and twelve Sinfoniettas in his late perioda celebrated player of the viol.

He is most likely one and the same with Jean de Sainte-Colombe, and father to Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe le fils.

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He also left an orchestral suite: From The King of the Great North West, Three Silhouettes, the suite Rococo op. She first studied with Paavo Heininen at the Sibelius Academy and went on to study with Brian Ferneyhough and Klaus Huber in Freiburg.

During the 1940s, working around Bahia, Ceará and Paraíba. He joined Severino Araújo's Orquestra Tabajara and headed for Rio de Janeiro in 1948.

He was soon hired by Rádio Nacional, remaining for 19 years.

Later, for example in the Missa a cappella (1957) and the Requiem (1962), he did not apply row technique as such, but his dodecaphonic experiments had lent an increased chromatic flavour to his style Dutch administrator, teacher and composer, Samama graduated from the University of Utrecht in musicology and for a number of years studied composition with Rudolf Escher.

In 1976/77 he continued his doctoral studies with a Rotary Foundation Grant at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, and lectured on Dutch music in the 20th Century (a.o. Leo Samama has taught the history of music and culture (history of art, philosophy and aesthetics) at the Utrecht Conservatory (1977-1988), lectured on ‘Musical criticism in theory and practice’ at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (1987-1989), was on the faculty of the Musicology Department of the Utrecht University, specializing in Music of the Twentieth Century and Musical Criticism (1988-1992), was a critic at De Volkskrant (1978-1984) and a correspondent of the Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant/Handelsblad (1986-1990) (both leading newspapers in The Netherlands).

Sampson has left two motets in a MS dating from c.1517-1520: a four-part Psallite felices, believed to have been written in honour of Henry VIII, and a five-part Quam pulchra escomposed around 80 published works, and her music has been performed in many countries, from Chile to Japan.