Who is jennifer holliday dating

28-Oct-2017 16:54

There are going to be shots of them laughing together on their way to set.

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‘It’s weird: people have started asking me recently if I’m worried about being typecast.

Because there has to be other woman involved in every celeb split, many people speculated that Chris had started a relationship with his Passengers co-star J-Law, despite absolutely nothing going on.

Anna, 40, revealed that the rumours had been going on long before they announced their split, and that the stories made her feel ‘shitty’.

Holliday mesmerises every time she is on screen as Estella allows Pip close enough to fall in love with her and then, as she has been programmed to, cruelly breaks his heart.

‘The first time I read the novel I was only 15 and I didn’t quite get Estella because she’s complex and has gone through a lot, which you won’t understand until you’re older. In the novel you see Estella from other people’s perspectives and it is only at the end, when you learn her history, that you can piece her together as a person.

She has the kind of face you want to stare at: slanted eyebrows, a snub nose, a rosebud-shaped mouth.