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Also, there only a few cases in which there is a happy ending to love-stories. Well, comedian Anjelah Johnson is among those very few who happened to find herself the perfect person but not after waiting long enough. When he finally crossed my path he was more than I could ever hope for.

Comedian and actress Anjelah Johnson’s upcoming Bon Qui Qui Gold Plated Dreams tour stop in El Paso has been canceled, according to a release by concert promoter Live Nation.

See the rest of Too Fab's interview with the funnylady below. I'm very relational, so I'm always gonna talk about relationships, whether it's boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife or mom-daughter and siblings.

In my first special, and now, I'm a married old hag -- just kidding.

The material is a departure from what rocketed her to fame almost a decade ago when her You may also recognize her from her "MADtv" days as impatient fast-food worker Bon Qui Qui, a character Johnson told Too Fab she gets reminded of "probably every day." While we imagine that could get old pretty fast, she's still grateful.

"People usually want to show me their impression of me, which is always awkward.

The self-made lady has struggled a lot in her life. Let’s find out more about her career and relationship with her husband.

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There are over 7 billion people in the world, and somehow the one for you doesn't come along soon enough! Chips and Salsa lover, Anjelah Johnson, and Manwell Reyes got married on I waited a long time for my husband.

Anjelah Johnson has come a long way from being an NFL cheerleader, actress, and comedian.

Her professional life is known by many but not as many of her fans know about her personal life.

But that's not to say all women are beneath men in life because there are a lot of bangin', powerful, women CEOs out there -- I'm just saying they had to work a lot harder to get there.

It's the same thing in standup, but more and more females are starting to get into it, which I love.Tickets purchased by credit card online or by phone through will automatically be canceled and refunded within 14 business days.