What to do when dating a shy guy

17-Sep-2017 16:59

One of the most annoying and frustrating thing is to end up liking someone who hesitate to converse with you even when they know you like them.Effective communication is important so that you will be on your guard and be informed about how he also feels.Whether a guy is shy or not, he will be uncomfortable talking about topics that are seemingly uncomfortable.This is always an important thing to avoid when dating.This way you get the chance to learn bits and pieces of him.He might not like the regular things that men stereotypically like, for example cars, sports etc but finding out what really lights his fire will help you a lot.This might seem bold and you might be reconsidering this thinking it might be a turn off moiré than anything else but, having him know how you feel will give him leverage.He might have been thinking how to talk to you but having drawback because he if fearing rejection from you.

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For example asking “what was it like growing up in Canada?

If he is not fully comfortable then he might be reluctant to speak with you freely; he won’t even say that he is uncomfortable.

This means that the right environment that you choose to go on a date is important.

You will need to find topics that will get him to say something to show that he at least has considered talking to you.

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You will need to know beforehand if he is interested in having conversations with you in the first place. Did he give a clear enough indication that he is interested?

Not all the time being bold will work with a shy guy.