Updating rmote helper on imac

05-Jul-2017 17:54

For instance, one of the reasons for your Mac slowing down could be that some apps hog too much RAM.To see if this is the problem, try opening Activity Monitor and see which apps take to much processing power.or see alternative versions (older versions, and versions for other operating systems) If you use the default firewall on your system, then the helper will configure that correctly.If you use your own firewall application, then you'll need to make sure it allows VLC to communicate through the firewall.For instance, there is a setting in your Security & Privacy menu that is responsible for that.

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If VLC is running on your computer, then you should see a Traffic cone next to the computer entry. If you don't see your computer immediately, you can tap on the rescan button (bottom left of the screen) to re-scan the network Don't worry if things don't work out immediately.If not, force your Mac to restart by holding down the power button and waiting for it to shutdown and then start again.