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19-Mar-2018 15:47

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The video quality may however be of a lower quality (Component Video is recommended – see also “Connect your PC to TV“) as well.

Some devices, like a Play Station 4 console, offer the option to disable HDCP.

The sole purpose is to be able to use non-HDCP compliant equipment with HDCP video sources.

This can be you old TV or projector, or trying to record game playing (PS3), making screenshots, or … One of the methods used, yet sometimes complicated and expensive, is by converting the signal for example to VGA, Component or Composite video.

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For more details “Play Station 4 HDCP toggle must be off to record games, on to watch video apps“.Even the ones listed below might or might not do the trick.Key with these splitters seems to be that they support up to HDMI 1.3b, which does not need to be a big problem unless you’re planning on blasting 4K or even 8K video over the HDMI cable.But what if I’d like to see this with video from my XBox 360, XBox One, Wii, or … Besides the fact that we need to grab this video, and all it’s technical complications, we will be running into a copy protection issue called HDCP, a HDMI feature nobody really asked for.

Please note that I’m not writing this article to promote pirating content!However, as soon as you play HDCP content (Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc), your screen will turn black.

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