Updating boot partitions for the volume is required

15-Jun-2017 16:50

Regular users should probably avoid this option unless the preceding procedure does not work—and in that case, you should disable SIP temporarily and then re-enable it when you've finished installing r EFInd.

On this page, I describe two methods of disabling SIP: using OS X's Recovery HD system and using r EFInd on CD-R or USB flash drive.

Instead of locating and running the This command will disable SIP for all OSes that honor this setting.

(In theory, multiple versions of OS X might be installed on a single computer, and all of them that support SIP should honor the SIP settings.

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This page covers these two options in more detail, as well as a third: Using another OS to install r EFInd.To the best of my knowledge, no non-Apple OS honors SIP settings, although that could change.) Once you've typed this command, you can reboot the computer.

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