Updating bathroom mirrors

09-Jun-2017 05:13

While a new bathroom adds value to a home, updating individual elements is another way of adding the freshness of a new room to your home.

Bringing out-of-date bathroom mirrors into the 21st century is one design element that is easy on the budget. Evaluate its position on the wall, its shape and how it fits in relation to the other components of your bathroom. Examine it for deterioration and evidence of silver or, in the case of very old mirrors, mercury streaks.

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Source: Source: Constance Guisset I love these water color mirrors by Constance Guisset!Use felt bumpers, or even better, museum putty to protect the bottom mirror. Source: My Luscious Life What about a wall of mirrors?Hang an assortment of mismatched mirrors, either on top of an existing mirror or on an opposite wall for a multitude of reflections.Use caulk to glue the tile onto your mirror and then grout.

Source: Houzz Buttons, coins from your travels, silk flowers, driftwood, barn wood, a pretty tray, old windows—you are only limited by your imagination.

Have fun, take some risks—glue, caulk, and paint can be removed pretty easily with a paint scraper when you are ready to try something new. Source: Honey Sweet Home Source: Source: Now & Then Source: Atlanta Homes Source: ps by Dila Source: BHGThere are endless options for framing out a plain mirror — just let your imagination carry you away.