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02-Sep-2017 21:50

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***edit2***have you tried both wep options in the wicd interface?methinks, there's some inconsistency between this and the "Bad Password" from your thread title. id=27628 since we cannot physically access your machine, our help only goes so far as you provide us with info.Then in 90% of the cases it connects to the network straight away: For example (on my system it's the 'wl' module): Then I provide the password again and usually it works.It's a not-so-quick and dirty workaround but it works.

My info: slackware 12.2 kernel wicd-1.5.9 (wext driver) wpa_supplicant wpa-psk ccmp mac filtering enabled wlan0: broadcom bcm4306 ndiswrapper installed using "bcmw15 driver"(windows driver)I'm having some issues connecting to my wireless connection with wicd.I'm using WICD for my network manager and NDISWRAPPER for the wireless driver functionality in Jaunty 64-bit (and have the Win64 drivers installed in ndiswrapper for my wifi.) This is a desktop system running a usb wifi card btw.