Twos company dating

15-Jan-2018 05:24

“You’ve got to have really good self-esteem to put yourself out there like this,” Sasha pointed out. About six years ago, she hired Roisin to help on the administrative side of the business.

“Our clients have great lives, lots of friends, hobbies, look after themselves; they’re just not getting that opportunity to meet other people.” For many years, Sasha ran Two’s Company as a one-woman show. Roisin now handles all the initial screening meetings (about nine per week) while Sasha does all the matching (about 80 per week).

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“I had absolutely no experience at all, but some of the decisions I made back then were so good in hindsight,” she told us.

If you want to up the caliber of your dates, you can enroll in Two’s Company’s premier network and start mingling with eligible singles handpicked to meet your standards.