Tusshar kapoor dating radhika apte

29-Apr-2018 11:34

Apparently Ekta and Radhika never had a fight, but the problem with Ekta and Tusshar regarding her spelled her doom.“The brother-sister fought openly about her and Ekta would get extremely angry the moment anybody uttered her name in front of her.

He has been given away so many awards as in return of his superb skills of acting and entertainment services. So many news stories came up in the media about the love relation of Russhar Kapoor with the Shor in The City Co-actress named as Radhika Apte.When Tusshar was asked to rate his top five sexy actresses, he named Kareena, Priyanka and Katrina and then paused for a moment. ” Ekta then spoke about her brother’s “bad taste in women” and then proceeded to describe her face as ‘horsey beautiful’.