The prefix radio as in radiometric dating means

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His work has been translated into twelve languages. Abstract The research on functions for introns in the cell is reviewed.To discuss his research, Bergman has been a featured speaker on many college campuses throughout the United States and Europe, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs. Bergman has earned seven college degrees, including three masters degrees and two doctorates. Darwinists once generally argued that non-protein coding DNA are relics of once-functioning genes or useless “junk” DNA that strongly argued against design of the genome.This is reflected in the following comment on the Sagan and Druyan statement cited above: Such comments are commonplace in the biological literature-although perhaps less common than they were a few years ago. Geneticists are discovering functions for what used to be apparent genetic debris.In contrast to the requirement of evolution for large amounts of useless DNA, the research explosion on DNA has revealed evidence that much of this DNA is necessary, or even critical, for life.Much raw material must have existed and evolved into coding genes that produced a phenotype which conferred a selection advantage to the organism.This belief is supported by the belief that an estimated 95% or more of eukaryote DNA has either nonprotein-coding functions or no known function at all.

Bacteria usually contain only a few thousand genes (E. Consequently, evolution from proto-bacteria to humans requires a mechanism that can add functional genes.

Evolutionists reason that an intelligent designer would not produce a genome containing long sections of useless DNA that waste enormous amounts of materials and energy by duplicating huge sections of nonfunctioning DNA during each cell division that build useless (or even harmful) proteins.

Sagan and Druyan state: “Some, maybe even most, of the genetic instructions must be redundancies, stutters, untranscribable nonsense …

For this process to occur, a large number of nonfunctional coding genes must have existed.

Furthermore, without sufficient genetic raw material, evolution could not occur by this process.

One currently popular hypothesis to account for this increase in the genome size is that they are the remnants of the original development of genes, or that many DNA bases were added during evolution through such sources as viruses or inappropriate DNA duplication.

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