The everything dating book

03-Nov-2017 13:45

Any woman who wants to find true love and hasnt been able to should read this book."—Pepper Schwartz, Ph. Women (and men) should take Gottliebs message to heart: Look for reasons to say yes. D., Rutgers University and author of "I have been very happily married for many years, and if my daughters ever ask me for advice about potential spouses, I plan to pass off a lot of whats in this book as my own sage wisdom."—Kurt Andersen, shows women how to find true happiness when seeking loveby giving them a new way to look at the world.D., relationship expert at"Finally, heres a cautionary tale for anyone wondering why she hasnt found Mr. Gottlieb manages to be hilarious yet thought-provoking, light-hearted yet profound on the questions of: Why do we fall in love? For what reasons do we make the decisions that affect our whole lives?The New York Observer "Marry Him is a frank and funny read, weaving real peoples stories with Gottliebs own experiences, and containing sharp examinations of how society and cultureeverything from When Harry Met Sally to The Bachelorcome into play when modern women look for love." Forbes Woman "In business, ''good enough'' is often 'very good.' So why should we expect--and demand--perfection in dating and marriage?

Today, it's so commonplace that the very un-Carrie notion of "settling" is no longer taboo.

The dating game is rigged, but the problem is not strategic — it’s demographic. Multiple studies show that college-educated Americans are increasingly reluctant to marry those lacking a college degree. It’s not that He’s Just Not That Into You—it’s that There Just Aren’t Enough of Him.