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Lange was known for blowing a kiss goodbye to the audience at the end of each episode."Jim Lange was one of the great show hosts of television.At the outset of the series, 10 of The Game's celebrity friends will be tapped as matchmakers.Each of these celebs (men and women), will put forward who they believe to be his perfect girl." The host says she hails from British Columbia, is multi-talented, works in public relations and enjoys the arts, theater and the great outdoors.He also welcomes her as "the cute and curvaceous Jennifer Granholm." Another question Granholm asks: "What form of transportation should all girls be built like and why?Game Shows, more than any other genre, were prone to becoming either missing or lost.The practice of wiping (reusing videotapes) stopped as a whole around 1979, with the earlier years of television particularly affected.

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With his future in mind and each celeb's pride on the line, you'd best believe that the stakes are high.In every city, the party ends for one of our girls who is sent packing.