Text chat girl

18-Jun-2017 14:59

Yet, at the same time I appreciate text-game because it lets me continue interactions and build attraction with girls that I’m interested in, even when I don’t have time to set aside to make a proper phone call. I used to treat it like any form of face-to-face interaction and I would fail miserably at it.Girls who were previously into me would start flaking on me and even stop replying to my texts. This is especially true if a girl was really into you in person.One important thing to remember here though is that when escalating through text you should always calibrate according to the levels of comfort you’ve got going with the girl.For example, if you invite her over for a movie and she suggests coffee instead, you need to understand that she is attracted to you but isn’t comfortable enough to meet you alone at your place.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make with text game is that they come across as too eager.The chances are that you had her, but you bored her with being too available.

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