Teenage cybersex chat

30-Jun-2017 13:08

Virtually every porn/cybersex addict reaches the point where he realizes the craving is simply too powerful; he cannot stop without help.

PORN ADDICTION, LIKE OTHER ADDICTIONS, BUILDS UP A TOLERANCE Alcoholics are notorious for their ability to consume enormous amounts of liquor; chain smokers can burn through several packs of cigarettes a day.

But for pornography and cybersex addicts, exacting, time-consuming rituals leading up to the "main event" become a major part of the process.

Thus a man may invent elaborate excuses for his wife as to why he is spending so many late nights at the office.

He is caught in a cycle of the need for mood change, stimulation, escape and temporary relief, a vicious gripping cycle that both repels and draws him, repulses and arouses.

Often the addict wants to change, in fact knows he must change or succumb to disaster.

He may put stacks of files in his briefcase and bring them home, going on and on about how "swamped" he is.

The longer and more elaborate the ritual, the more time he can spend away from the pressing realities of his life.

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With such ease of access and frequency of use, how quickly do you think a porn or cybersex addiction will accelerate until it is out of control?A woman may neglect her home and family because she is obsessed with Internet chat rooms.

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