Teen dating violence epidemic

23-Nov-2017 18:29

Research has shown that obese teens are half as likely to start dating as normal weight adolescents.

As a matter of fact, several weeks back, The National Institute of Health awarded 6,642 to the Magee-Women’s Research Foundation for a four-year study, entitled “The Role of Romantic Relationships in the Sexual Behavior of Obese and Non-Obese Girls,” while the researchers posit that obese girls just lack social skills displayed by their non-obese counterparts (and that this— and not their weight — is what makes the difference), they aim to prove it scientifically.

This program as they had envisioned, would for solve the problem of obesity in teens by offering a weight loss plan suited for their fast changing bodies.

The Nutrisystem diet, which is available to teenagers aged between 14 and 17, involves a 1400 daily calorific intake for girls and 1700 for boys.

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And worse still, obese teens have very high odds of remaining obese or overweight into adulthood, substantially increasing their risk of disability and disease later in life.

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What’s more, working parents are no longer able to keep track of their children’s meals because they have no time to prepare healthier meals for them.

Before and After photos of Teen Girl who followed a proven weight loss program To be able to lose weight and therefore improve their social lives, dating especially, obese teens ought to look for ways in which they conveniently and simply can lose weight.