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Why haven't I seen (even once) a zoo rape, I mean - cruel kids trying to forcefully fuck a stray dog with a stick.I mean I've seen only one good shota gay rape in Enzai. Why these asians can stick an octopus in some girl's vagina, but they would never make an animated version of it - they just draw some unnatural-looking tentacles, which in most cases only make girls cum - not rip them apart, or at least fuck them in such way, that girls would suffer? Why are they drawing all this silly nonsense with tentacles, molesters and nurses.My face is turning red, I'm about to pass out, then he lets go and I gasp for air.He slaps me again, grabs and squeezes my tits, and says "we have another request.I yell out in pain so he says "bitch, I'll make you shut the fuck up now!

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One has to remember, there's more diversity within Africa than any part of the world.He says "you can't make any noise if I choke the shit out of you, can you whore?" He squeezes as he rapes my pussy harder, faster, and deeper.This all can be drawn very intense, very realistic. Do you actually believe, that it is possible to cum from being raped? I'd come knocking on the door pretending to be room service bringing more towels, or even a delivering a pizza. While I have my back turned he grabs me by my hair, shoves me face first into the closed door, and holds a gun (fake is fine) to my head. He says "put your hands behind your back," so I do. He walks back to me, shoves in front of the camera, and cuts my shirt off. He plays with my tits, sucks on them, grabs them, slaps them, and bites them. He lightly runs the blade between my legs over my panties, then cuts them off as well.

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Only pain, injuries, bruises, pregnancy, hate, tears and suicide may be the result of a rape. He pulls me by my hair to the bed and shoves me down on it towards the end so my bottom is hanging off.

Next he is told to untie me and make me lay face up on the table while he ties my legs and arms to each table leg. He walks around to the other side, spits on my cunt, grabs my hips, and rams his whole cock deep and hard into my pussy. He's asked to make me scream some more so he slams his huge cock deep into me over and over until I'm in tears.