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For example, you won’t work on many cross-border transactions.You will only know about the US financial system and regulations, and you will only know about the "American way", which will be extremely different from what is done internationally.Based on our experience of working in the US and in Europe, here are our thoughts on Investment Banking in New York vs. As the US was untouched by the war and the started to industrialise rapidly, it quickly filled the gap left by London and took the lead in financial innovation.But London eventually caught back in the last decade as the influx of so many sophisticated French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Indian immigrants started to dramatically improve the quality of London's workforce.In Europe, speaking various languages, especially Europeans but also to some extend Asian languages, is highly valued.Investment Banking Professional Experience in London vs.New York On your CV, a stint in New York will always look very good and tend to impress people more than a similar stint in London.This is mostly because New York has had an established reputation as the leading financial centre for the last 70 years, the fact that the US still is synonym with the "American dream" for most people, and also because working in the US tends to be so much more intense.

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A significant downside of working in NY however is that working in New York will not give you a "global" perspective of the investment banking business.

In London, hours are more reasonable (70 ), a good number of weekends can be free of work, you will have at least 5 weeks holidays, not to mention that August and December are very quiet.