Simplepie cache not updating

27-Sep-2017 02:38

simplepie cache not updating-24

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I didn't quite get that thing you mentioned about feed categories. I didn't quite get that thing you mentioned about feed categories. Caching is needed when filtered feed items (i.e by category) are very rare in the RSS.

Simple RSS Feed Reader MODIFIED: February 21st, 2011: * Added option to catch feeds from specified category(ies) only * Added option to cache feed items to show them even if they are already not present in the feed (useful if the feed contains small number of items in a time, items are limited by category or due to other reasons) * Added option to set links as "nofollow" * Updated the CSS February 22nd, 2011: * Fixed error with reducing of cached items I tested it only on my site, sorry if any error (new) will appear. If JW decides to include my mods into an official update, will be only happy; hope a credit to me will go :-[ Can you explain what improvements you did?

We published a post 8 hours ago, and our feed was still not updated.

After some tinkering around and research, we managed to find several potential solutions.

On the troubleshootize page if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find a button labeled “Resync Now”.

Clicking on it will clear Feedburner’s cache and refill it with your new content. Our new content was now appearing on the feed, but why should we have to do this every time?

There should be a solution that would fix the issue permanently.

So we jumped into the Troubleshootize tab in Feed Burner where it told us to Ping our feed.When I tried to build my RSS Feed fetcher for my tweets and Google Reader on Word Press 3.1, I found out that Word Press simplifies the whole process with the built-in function fetch_feed.It nicely instantiate a simplepie object and defines the cache at the same time.In this article, we will show you how to fix Word Press Feed Burner feeds not updating.

Update: We no longer recommend using Feed Burner because it’s a dying product full of bugs.

Please read this article to see why you shouldn’t use Feed Burner and find out about the alternatives.