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It's used as a starting molecule in the synthesis of the anti-flu drug Tamiflu. Mandelic acid is not named after Nelson Mandela, the world famous South African polician and winner of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, although his youthful appearance might be due to it...mandelic acid is often used in skin creams to smooth away wrinkles. It seems that vowels are just queueing up to be in this molecule. It seems that female mice that lack the Fuc M gene refuse to let males mount them, and will attempt copulation with other female mice. Thanks to Charles Turner for suggesting this molecule. They've recently made a slightly larger one, modelled on a Gibson Flying 'V' that's actually playable. The Ki SS gene itself was named since it was discovered in a laboratory in Hershey, Pennsylvania, home town of the well-known chocolate company whose most famous product is Hershey's Kisses. Thanks to Derek Belknap for suggesting this mineral. So, another, more vulgar translation is 'Ritol's c**t'. It hasn't found many applications yet, although maybe it could be used as the fuel source for flying saucers? Apparently, they have nothing to do with preventing urination, or of stopping pregnancy (stops wee ones! This is a zeolite-like cage structure made from gallium and phosphate, which has a large opening through the middle which resembles a 4-leafed clover - hence the name. These compounds were called copulins, although their exact chemical structure was never identified. Ref: Lubiprostone website, Wikipedia Surely there must be a limit to the number of Z's there can be in a molecule name? This molecule is not named after a person called Billy.

Enflurane is an outdated halogenated ether that was commonly used for inhalation anesthesia during the 1970's and 1980's. It's a fluorescent dye that's used to label DNA and other proteins so they can be detected in assays. I wonder if any of them spoke Russian and knew what 'pizda' meant?In India, practitioners of traditional Ayurvedic medicine have long used the herb Coleus forskohlii to treat asthma, heart disease, and a range of other ailments. The European Bioinformatics Institute houses the Macromolecular Structural Database, and for quite a few years the most downloaded structure from that site was PDB code 2SEM: it contained a protein called "Sex muscle abnormal protein 5".

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