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We forget to get information, sometimes we give too much information.

I've seen online, men will give their phone number in the first exchange." Garcia noted that men, more so than women, are more willing to share personal information online and that makes them easy targets for this type of crime.

Since it's impossible to know exactly who they are, it's important to protect yourself at any cost.

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So in honor of Pride Month, Ok Cupid and Trulia decided to pair up themselves to figure out what the most popular predominantly gay neighborhoods in the U. We then combined this data with the percentage of non-straight Ok Cupid members (gay, lesbian and bisexual) to determine the density of the gay population in each neighborhood. In 2012, at the bottom of the housing market, it cost about 29% more per square foot to live in a zip code with a large gay, lesbian and bisexual population than elsewhere.

"Men need to ask more questions online before they set up a meet," Garcia said.