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29-May-2018 10:02

He told me to cut down on coffee and wear uv protection. Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried ets as i believe the surgery is very good.I have tried everything myself and would give the surgery a go if i knew it i just want to get a job some where people cant see me. Contact the psychological services at James hospital about blushing. If at a meeting or a stuffy room, insist on opening window, switch off radiators, turn on fan. My confidence has improved over the years which in turn has reduced my blusing problem but i would like to be confident enough to stop this problem altogether.some times i want to climb into a hole and hide when it starts. One member of the team involved in group therapy has overcome the problem. Wish i could just get to the next level and improve my confidence in order to stop my blushing...I am not sure what to do?? As a Hypnotherapist I work with many clients for whom blushing ranges from a small irritation to being a serious social phobia.

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Would very much like to hear from people suffering from chronic severe blushing.Has anybody tried hormone tablets for this condition?My underarm is the main area where i sweat up alot and it becomes very noticeable when i wear light coloured clothes so i have to wear dark coloured clothes anymore. If deodrants so they have 48 hours protection why dont they work?I am relaly depressed about it now as i can only wear white or black clothes. Perhaps looking at some of the above messages I could cut down on coffee (done) and spicy foods.

I have been to the doctor many times aabout this and they say there is nothing more they can do. MALE 23 - I went to the dermotolagist with blushing when I was 18. I have suffered from blushing for over ten years and i have to say i think that is more than enough time and as i am now 29.She has agreed to see a counsellor to see if this will help. (For women or men) Use No.7 green cream for rosey complexion with ur foundation, My mam's uses this and she's flawless. If in a group and blushing try and joke about it to them yourself it breaks the tension of thinking there all looking at it and afraid to say anything. Try and stay positive as there are people worse off than yourself.