Sedating your cat for travel Sex kw sms cam

30-Aug-2017 06:21

The carrier should also have a secure latch on its door and side air vents so your cat can breathe fresh air.Train the cat to associate positive events with the carrier.Just like some humans, cats are susceptible to motion sickness.Cats also hate new routines and environments, which can make car travel very stressful for them.Pet owners can help their cats get used to both the carrier and the car to help remove the foreignness of the situation.Your vet can also suggest prescription medications to help calm your cat and soothe away motion sickness for a relaxed travel experience.Place the carrier in your cat's favorite room and put a towel or pet bed inside.Further enhance the appeal of the carrier with a sprinkling of catnip or by regularly giving your cat tasty treats inside the carrier.

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Tranquilizers are used to relieve anxiety in a frightened cat that is unused to potentially traumatic experiences, such as kenneling, travelling or visiting the vet.These drugs are available from your vet, who can also determine the appropriate dosage for your cat's age and weight.