Ryan seacrest secretly dating derek hough

01-Jun-2018 15:06

I know a lot of people think Ryan bats secretly for the other team, and the way the whole “kiss on the beach with Teri Hatcher” played out (particularly the way she explained it) make me think that could be the case and that he plays the media to his advantage.

It’s possible that he is straight and just very fussy, though. I could also see him going for a much younger non-challenging partner like Julianne.

London, Aug 29 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole who is dating dancer Tre Holloway will fly to the US to meet his family."Tre sees something special with Cheryl. Callaghan had a strained relationship with her daughter's ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Nov 5 (IANS) Lauren Conrad, who starred in the TV series "Hills", has parted ways with her boyfriend Derek Hough. Posted in Entertainment | London, Oct 2 (IANS) Reality TV beauty Lauren Conrad is reportedly dating "Dancing with the Stars" professional Derek Hough. Posted in Entertainment | Los Angeles, July 11 (IANS) Choreographer Derek Hough, who was said to be in a relationship with Cheryl Cole after her split with footballer Ashley Cole, has reportedly told the singer ... Posted in Uncategorized | London, June 6 (IANS) Choreographer Derek Hough has ended his relationship with singer Cheryl Cole after he got fed up living with her like a recluse. The American dancer arrived late on Thursday after speaking to Cheryl's ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Feb 12 (ANI): In an attempt to give her skin a healthy glow, Cheryl Cole has been drinking a lot of carrot juice lately.

Posted in Entertainment | London, Aug 22 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole has got approval from her mother Joan Callaghan on her new boyfriend, American dancer Tre Holloway. Posted in Entertainment | London, April 22 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole has reportedly sent a huge hamper of baby gifts to Derek Hough's sister, who gave birth to a boy. The duo is going to hit the strip for a weekend ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Feb 19 (ANI): Derek Hough reportedly flew in to London this week to save his struggling relationship with Cheryl Cole.

And the fact that his relationship with Nina Dobrev seemed to be about as fake as they come. Will Smith (Photo: Andres Otero/WENN) Scientology and gay rumors often seem to go hand in hand, since the religion has been associated with attempts to “cure” homosexuality. In 2008 there was a rumor that a Hollywood madame had been arranging gay sex encounters for him for years.

He and Jada sure like to talk about their sex life, though, so who knows. Jonas Brothers (Photo: Ryan/WENN) The whole band of brothers have had gay rumors follow them around.

This latest rumor that Danielle Jonas is faking her pregnancy doesn't seem to help matters for Kevin in particular.

But the guys have laughed it off as a “boy band stereotype.” 9.

Congratulations on their engagement whether it’s for show or not.The dancer spent the past couple of months kitting ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Jan 12 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The British tabloid, The Sun has reported that despite reports that Cheryl Cole might still be in love with her ex husband, Ashley Cole, Derek Hough is ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Jan 12 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Ashley and Cheryl Cole may have divorced for almost a year now but it seems the pair has a hard time letting each other go. But now a series of intimate snaps has revealed that the ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Jan 5 (IANS) A relaxed, six-month long break on a mountain is all that British singer Cheryl Cole wants after going through a marriage split and contracting malaria in 2010."It would ... Posted in Entertainment | By Madhuri Dey Jan 3, (THAINDIAN NEWS) The latest story of a hook up that is doing the rounds in the tinsel town is that of Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough. The hunky 25-year-old American has brought some spark back into Cole's life after her nightmare year ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Jan 3 (ANI): Loverat Ashley Cole was left heartbroken after ex-wife Cheryl Cole jetted off with alleged lover Derek Hough to join a New Year's Eve bash in South Africa. It may be recalled that the National Enquirer had reported that Julianne and Seacrest ... Posted in Entertainment | December 21, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): 22-year-old Julianne Hough is the singing star in the video of ‘Is That So Wrong’, which is not debarred theoretically from Country Music Television (CMT), ... Posted in Entertainment | By Meena Kar Dec 21, (THAINDIAN NEWS) With a new controversy every day, it seems that Julianne Hough is rising high in the ladder of popularity. According to rumours, the 27-year-old was having an on-off relationship with American ... Some of them turn out to be true, and others just swim around for years and years without a clear solution. You'd think every single celebrity was homosexual based on how often we hear these whisperings.And we give them hugs through our computer screens and the world is fully of smiles and rainbows.

These ten celebrities can't seem to escape the gay gossip.

Hough is taking a break from the US version of 'Strictly Come Dancing' to make ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Jan 31 (ANI): Reconciliation seems to be on the cards as Cheryl and Ashley Cole met secretly at the Surrey Mansion, their former marital home. According to a close friend, Cole has ruled out walking up the aisle ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Jan 23 (ANI): Despite wanting to start a family, Cheryl Cole has reportedly ruled out walking down the aisle again. Posted in Entertainment | London, Dec 26 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole will welcome the New Year with a ­romantic skiing holiday with ­boyfriend Derek Hough."The X Factor" judge is heading to the Rocky Mountains in north-west ... Posted in Entertainment | London, Dec 24 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole felt very emotional and shed tears after receiving a Christmas greeting from former husband Ashley.