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Methane on the other hand lags temperature by about 2,000 years at the termination but follows temperature down exactly at the inception.It therefore follows that methane and CO2 are not coupled.In the text below this may be abbreviated simply to “termination” and “inception”.Looking at the data more closely it is easy to see that d CO2 lags d T by some considerable amount, especially at the inceptions of glacial episodes (see the arrow labeled inception).The Vostok Ice core is one of the finest geochemical data sets ever assembled.I first visited this topic in December 2014 in a post called The Vostok Ice Core: Temperature, CO2 and CH4 [1].Note that in this chart and all others time is passing from right to left, counter to the normal geological convention, which is a restriction imposed by XL charts that have two primary y-axes.

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Full glacial conditions came into being without falling CO2 providing any of the climate forcing.

Each responds in their own time to changing climate.