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25-Jan-2018 19:39

Look through our love quotes and poems to find all types of love quotes.

You will find falling in love quotes, romantic love quotes, cute, funny & sad love quotes and much more.

With the advent of technology and several social networking and dating platforms mushrooming over the internet, finding a person to hookup with, isn't too difficult anymore.

There are also several cellphone applications that have made dating much easier.

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Many youngsters of today also feel that dating is also a great stress buster in today's chaotic times.Even in the stories that ended in tragedy, love has never failed but only the lovers have.They stand evergreen and are suitable for all ages of time, whatever is the advancement in technology and science.Love is one trait that never diminishes as long as you give it to others and keeps on growing.

There are immortal stories on lovers and immortal quotes on love and a few of them are given below.

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