Rob mcelhenney and kaitlin olson dating

26-Dec-2017 04:49

It’s unapologetic, and it’s stuff you’d never say, but maybe things that you’re thinking. He felt really funny and the hardest part was that there were just doughnuts and ice cream and all this s— food in our house that we never really have.

Specifically, the first time we did "Lethal Weapon 5" — the whole conversation about the blackface? And I was just like, why are you doing this to me?! But I thought it was hilarious, and I was pretty proud of him.

It might sound a little un-PC, but he has really good points. And that body will — hopefully — be around for a very long time. Well, Axel came into the editing room — we were running errands and we went to visit Rob— and he was watching me freak out at the end of “The Gang Broke Dee” and he wanted to watch it like five, six, seven times. So, right now they’re allowed to watch it, and then I think we’ll probably take a 12-year break, and then maybe they can start watching it again.

And I think you’re right, I think that’s definitely written into our show. Were you grossed out when Rob gained all that weight for season eight? Actually, I think he misses it, I think he would love to do it again.

Image: Rob Mc Elhenney & Wife Kaitlin Olson with sons-Axel Lee Mc Elhenney(Elder), & Leo Grey Mc Elhenney(young) Rob started his career with the movie (1997) in the role of Kevin.I don’t think I ever really considered it lasting this long.