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IIT Kharagpur is widely acclaimed for the quality and breadth of its research enterprise, and particularly for its openness to multidisciplinary research.

Several highly rated initiatives represent a long IIT Kharagpur tradition of cross-disciplinary research and collaboration.

There are around 36 laboratories in the CRF complex and each laboratory is under the supervision of a designated faculty member from the Institute.

The equipments housed in these laboratories are used for various types of characterization including study of structure and chemical composition of surfaces and bulk materials at different length scales (sub-nanometer to millimeter), phase transitions, as well as evaluation of mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties.

Currently more than 60 Ph D students and full time MS students work under the ambit of the lab.

The role of the CTS in the academic framework of IIT Kharagpur is to bring together faculty and students with similar interests under a common umbrella.The AVLSI Lab has its own state-of-the-art test equipment procured with institute support.More than 100 chips have been designed in this lab, fabricated and successfully tested.For more details on the Centre, Click Here Contact: Prof.

Arobinda Gupta [email protected] at the membrane separation laboratory IIT Kharagpur, are actively engaged in a variety of challenging problems ranging from drinking water purification to dialysis, hollow fiber spinning to mathematical modelling of transport processes.

There are several research groups in the lab, who have specific areas of expertise, such as Digital Design, Analog Design, RFIC, Power Management, Test, Verification & CAD, and MEMS.

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