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Even though I believe in defensibility at the retreat level I don’t like to infer that some broader military resistance strategy is possible for most people.For individual families I prefer less confrontational strategies of blending in, or getting out of the way, or concealment as the best form of defense for most people.The area I have outlined is what is generally referred to as the Intermountain West and includes the Great Basin—that high desert plain between the Cascade/Sierra Mountains of Washington, Oregon and California over to the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.These two mountain ranges converge as they get further north and merge in Canada.

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That is why I have included the forested higher elevations of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah for those needing to get out of Southern California or Phoenix and reach their retreat in one day.Scientists measure the proportion of carbon-14 left in the organism to determine its age.I have often been asked to comment on Jim Rawles’ concept of the Redoubt for survival relocation.This expanded security area centers around Salt Lake City, which is the only big metro area in the region and which has the full range of commercial facilities including an international airport (hub for Delta Airlines).

Most of the other smaller cities in the West have feeder flights into SLC.However, having consulted with people and designed high security residences for the last 40 years around North America, I realize all too well that most people have financial, distance from family, weather and other personal limitations that simply won’t allow for relocation to an area so far north and remote from their needs as the Redoubt.

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