Reasons for dating football players

14-Jul-2017 10:34

NFL football is the most popular sport in America, but that doesn't mean there aren't things about it that suck.

Every Sunday, Americans are glued to their TVs watching football, but unless you're watching NFL Red Zone, which costs a fortune, you're probably watching a commercial or footage of a bunch of guys in uniform standing around waiting.

Like every Pizza lover you meet in Paris, I’m a huge fan of the Big Mamma Group. I was pretty proud of our itinerary and imagined us soaking up the Thai culture while we zipped around on tuk tuks and longtail boats, tucked into amazing street food and threw back bottles of local Singha beer.

Victor and Tigrane, 2 French men, opened their first Italian tratorria, East Mamma, in 2015. I checked out their third address Pizza Popolare with a fabulous foodie friend this weekend and I was far from disappointed. Continue reading Thailand took on an unexpected twist 10 days before our flight left Paris.

Eleven people were injured at a village soccer match when a car ploughed into fans and players after his team lost 5-0.

A 35-year-old man was arrested for driving his grey BMW onto the pitch after the final whistle of the grudge local derby at the Cornelly United ground in North Cornelly, South Wales.

Whether I’m preparing to explore a new city, try out a new pizzeria or even just whip up a batch of fluffy pancakes, I’m constantly researching insider tips on the ‘net. I hunted down material on the way the French live, work, dress, behave, eat, etc… Of course, surprises in life are the fresh strawberries on the top of angel food cake and some things you just can’t plan for.

I continually attempt and fail to remind myself that just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it the holy grail of all truths…. Below are the five things no amount research could have prepared me for missing when I started my adventure across the pond.

It was obviously triggered by something.’Villager Ruth Mc Aneney, who lives across the road from the club, said: ‘There was a group of boys, they were being rowdy. I asked people for jumpers and t-shirts to keep him warm.’Cornelly villager Chris Mitchell, 27, said: ‘Everyone is saying the driver is a scumbag.The rules are probably the least clear of any of the major sports, and it's certainly the most dangerous sport in the US.And these are just a few of the NFL complaints every football fan has. Vote up the ones you think suck the hardest (and not in a good way).Continue reading As you know if you’ve read my article “What I wish I knew before dating a Frenchie,” I won’t be doing any hardcore celebrating today with Robin! What’s the name of this Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe that ran you over?

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🙂 So instead I’m spoiling my scrumptious readers with 2 special articles about things I keeping in line with the theme of the day. ” But I managed to suppress my urge to rant and instead muttered something more along the lines of ” oh no honey, I’m so sorry. Continue reading We booked Thailand a good 5 months before actually leaving when we found insanely cheap tickets on Air India.