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I was convinced that someone was attempting to milk this joke when I read of a stone in Los Lunas, New Mexico which bore a Phoenician (ancient Hebrew) inscription of the Ten Commandments (The Decalogue). Robert Pfeiffer of Harvard in 1949 and was confirmed to be a slightly truncated form of the Ten Commandments.Initially, I suspected a forgery however my subsequent research revealed ample evidence of Semitic influence in pre Columbian America.He found that “The facts pouring in from every side bring us to the … but only Far Eastern, African …, and various Mediterranean types – especially Semites.” [4] The historic testimony of artwork is intriguing but hardly conclusive.

They Hispanized the name exchanging a ‘c’ for a ‘k’ and adding ‘a’. A recent discovery off the coast of Haifa gives a possible vessel for the transatlantic crossing. Elisha Linder discovered the wreck of an ocean worthy craft and reports that a “flotilla of such merchantmen [(ships)] would have been available to Theodore and his colonists setting forth from Rome in 775.” [18] Calalus went on to record a long and tumultuous history of wars, near defeats, and eventual total defeat around 900 CE.

Deal is convinced and offers convincing arguments that Kukulcan is none other than the Mayan version of Moses.