Qeep online dating

16-Jun-2017 06:08

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As a social dating app, we would rate Qeep as GOOD.

Imagine a social dating app that traces its origin back to 2006.

These happened without warning and at different stages of operation.It allowed for instant chat messaging among its members in a time when such a function seemed so futuristic.In the present day, Qeep is pretty much in line with the majority of social dating apps that are on the market.To understand and appreciate the basic features offered by Qeep you must consider that it is designed to revolve primarily around the location of its members.

That means that most of its discovery features will take their queue based on where your phone indicates that you are located. This allows you to browse through profiles and determine if someone strikes your fancy.As with all social dating apps, Qeep is neither wholly a dating app and neither is it wholly a social media platform.