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The initial redirect and further responses will appear as additional samples.The URL and data fields of the parent sample will be taken from the final (non-redirected) sample, but the parent byte count and elapsed time include all samples. Note that the Http Client sampler may log the following message: , the options to encode the parameter, and an option to include or exclude an equals sign (some applications don't expect an equals sign when the value is the empty string).This example updates an existing account record with the When updating an entity, only include the properties you are changing in the request body.Simply updating the properties of an entity that you previously retrieved, and including that JSON in your request, will update each property even though the value is the same.To get his result, you must use the preference in the request headers.To control which properties are returned, append the $select query option to the URL to the entity set. This example updates an account entity and returns the requested data in the response.It also lets you control whether or not JMeter parses HTML files for images and other embedded resources and sends HTTP requests to retrieve them.

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It uses a PATCH request and uses a URI to reference a specific entity.

If you have more than one HTTP Request that needs authorizations or cookies, then add the elements to the Thread Group.