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16-Dec-2017 04:54

That’s why an installed PWA will be able to work offline in the future.

But with Apple’s idea of a service worker, there is no guarantee that the service worker or the cache will be available in the future.

Update beta 3: Safari View Controller (for example, browsing within Twitter) and home screen web apps share the same Cache Storage and Service Worker registration with Safari’s tab, but each mode gets a new Service Worker instance.

You might be thinking: Hey, Max, the same happens on Android and different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Samsung Internet, UC Web).

But I think this is due to a bug that should be solved in future betas.

Update 20-Feb: On beta 3 this problem was solved, so home-screen PWAs now can work offline.

However, if the user is in Airplane Mode, Safari shows the OS dialog asking the user to connect to Wi Fi, even if all the requests were managed by the Service Worker.

Service Workers API is available on HTTPS at Safari, the Web View (that means, Chrome, Firefox, and Facebook In-App browsers), Apps added to the Home Screen ( and Safari View Controller (such as when you click on a link on Twitter on i OS). Well, there is a significant issue here: on Safari and on each app’s Web view which means the user might end with several copies of all the files for the PWA on the same device.

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I’m sorry to confirm that most problems are the same that I stated 18 months ago, with one big difference: now you don’t need to opt-in into i OS; i OS will add support for Web App Manifest, so your PWA will be an i OS PWA automatically.It might be if the user comes back to the web app within “a few weeks.” I know, the web app should work anyway while online, but we can’t guarantee one of the key concepts of PWAs: offline access.