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In Latin, I am to understand, ego means "I" and id means "it".The word "super" means "over" or "greater", or "on top of" (as in "superior").

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Where the id is concerned with pleasure, the super-ego is concerned with morality and being good.It describes a conflict between two or more things.It occurs when one thing puts another down; it is not present when two things cooperate or find a harmonious way to co-exist.So far as these essays are concerned, I've been doing a sort of survey of some of the more important schools of psychotherapy recently, focusing as I go along on some of the important technical contributions that each school has made.

We left off with a discussion of Transference, an important contribution of the psychoanalytic, and later psychodynamic schools of psychotherapy.

The opposed characters of the id and super-ego should now be clear.