Online dating for friends

23-Feb-2018 12:05

Having old chums, those who know you better than anyone, is wonderful. It means that meeting someone online can be a breath of fresh air for you and your friends, too.

What’s more, if you date someone that none of your friends, family or colleagues know?

Of course, for many people, online dating is the ideal solution for just this reason. Your existing social circle is likely very comfortable.

You’re not being challenged to meet new kinds of people – those with new hobbies, interest, from different backgrounds or geographical areas.

So how best to introduce a partner you’ve met online to close friends (and be introduced to theirs in return)?

“It does not phase me in the least as I meet people for a living. (It took us MONTHS to get beyond the coffee stage.) If he had thought this one through, he might have left it at that”.She agrees that meeting each others friends gradually is key to making online relationships work: “I met my partner on Twitter and we had no mutual connections, but we've managed to mesh our friendship groups over time.I think that if it's going to work, you'll find that you get on with most of their friends and vice versa.“It was my 50th and I had invited all my friends, from school, university, work, right through to the school gate, neighbours, my book group and beyond.

There were people there who had been to both my weddings.“But you need to introduce them slowly - don't take them to the pub with 20 of your best mates on the fourth date.

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