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While the times are constantly changing and our personal circumstances keep evolving as a result, owning property might still be the ultimate goal for some – and a distant dream for others.Nonetheless, it’s something that we all think about at some point because owning a home is still seen as a mark of success.For those students who don't respond well to such structures, however, it is obvious that the grammar-translation method must be tempered with other approaches to create a more flexible and conducive methodology. Do exercise in Depending on level of comprehension, either call randomly to have students translate the sentences, or give them time to work quietly writing out the translations. On chalkboard: mich uns dich euch ihn sie sie Sie es Explain (in English) the usage as well as the importance of distinguishing between nominative (ich , du , etc.) and accusative. Point out similarities to English: me = mich as memory aid, but warn against her ihr (but rather sie ). Mein Bruder hat morgen Geburtstag, und wir machen eine große Party für ihn. Man braucht Geschenke bei einer Geburtstagsfete -- ohne sie geht es einfach nicht!

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The major characteristic of the grammar-translation method is, precisely as its name suggests, a focus on learning the rules of grammar and their application in translation passages from one language into the other.

If students do not finish, activity is assigned as homework. Meine älteste Schwester heißt Claudia, und die zwei jüngeren Schwestern, Christiane und Nadine, sind Zwillinge. Du mußt eine neue Stelle finden, wo man dich zu schätzen weiß!

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