Mandating hpv vaccination what are the arguments

03-Mar-2018 17:34

mandating hpv vaccination what are the arguments-48

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In one surveillance study, Merck pre-specified 16 autoimmune conditions to look for in 200,000 women patients who had received one dose of Gardasil.

"We saw no signal of an increase rate of autoimmune conditions," Haupt says.

"It needs to be looked at." Gardasil is made by the drug company Merck.

The information helps the agencies analyze and track the most common complaints.

She says she'll probably wait until Sally is 13, "when boys are in the vocabulary.'' And, she adds, "It won't hurt matters that there will be a couple more years of research." But Linda May, who lives in suburban Indiana, wonders if changes her daughter Laura has experienced since getting her first Gardasil shot in February 2010 are from the vaccine.

May says Laura, a former athlete and star pupil, is fatigued and always achy. Laura doesn't complain, Linda says, but the family can see she is not herself.

As of September 2010, about 32 million doses of Gardasil had been distributed in the U. In October, after reviewing reports from managed care organizations that tracked millions of patients who'd received Gardasil -- about 600,000 doses -- the CDC again concluded that Gardasil poses no serious health problems.

The analysis looked at side effects within 42 days of the shot.The CDC is aware, of course, of the reports of illness, and acknowledges that concerns about the vaccine's safety may be keeping people from getting immunized.