Mandating green

01-Dec-2017 03:30

Find out if you qualify for state, local, utility, and federal incentives: When shopping for a vehicle, compare types and models for fuel usage, emissions and cost of ownership. S., but before you buy, you may want to consider the availability of alternative-fueling stations in your area.

Although these laws have been around for some time, not much analysis has been done regarding how well they are working. The result was a white paper titled “Perspectives On Implementation And Effectiveness Of School Green Cleaning Laws.” “The report showed that laws perceived as most effective tended to include reporting requirements and mandates, rather than simply encouraging implementation of green cleaning,” says Anisa Heming, director of the Center for Green Schools, U. This data shows that schools were compliant with the legislation, suggesting that not only are schools interested in adopting green cleaning products and practices, but want to do it well and quickly.Medical research confirms that children are more susceptible to indoor air pollution, mold and other pollutants during these formative years.And, their behavior exposes them to more environmental threats because they’re unable to protect themselves from hazards. Controlling exposure to dust, pollen and other irritants could prevent two-thirds of asthma cases in elementary school children, based on a report from the “American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.” That is one big reason why states have begun to enact green cleaning laws for schools. The need for school-focused education about the purpose and requirements for green cleaning was also identified as critical, including not just training but broader awareness of green cleaning among school boards, administration, faculty, building maintenance staff and the greater school community.In a bid to help prevent firefighter injuries at traffic crashes and traffic direction duties OSHA will require all new Turnout Gear to be made in safety green.

This announcement comes after it was found how many firefighters refuse to wear traffic safety vests.“The bottom line is we need more data and better reporting,” says Heming.

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