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In order to weave very thin linen fabric, girls made sure that there were no cobwebs in the house, they also spun for a while to assure that there will be soon a visit from the matchmaker.Another traditional Shrove Tuesday event was masqueraders strolling about, which had the task of awakening spring and plants.At the beginning of 19 centuries, the struggles between Fatso [ a.k.a.. Different regions had different womens idols, even today on Shrove Tuesday they are carted about all the villages and are burned in the evening in the far end of the village. Boba], was a live woman and was dragged about in a wooden trough, giving nuts to children.In the middle of Lithuania, there was a young, live, male idol called Gavnas.It was best to ride standing up in the sleigh, to fall overboard and roll in the snow.In the region of Marijampol, three lads rode around with nut tree whips in their hands, prepared to whip those who poured water on them.

One did not sit at home if a good flax harvest was expected.On Shrove Tuesday, future conjectures, casting lots were bound with wedding and work successes. On that day young women did the following: took three plates, filled one with soil, placed a ring in another and a wreath of rue in the third one. If she picks the one with the ring, she will be married soon after Easter. This was done by removing the straw and ribbons, hanging them on the beams and sometimes setting them on fire.

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Other regions made this idol entirely of straw and at the end burned or drowned him.

Driving through villages they demanded : water, water, water! if no one poured water, they cried: we traveled throughout the village and did not receive even a pail of water.