Listview onitemupdating

11-Jul-2017 22:42

In your second example, your Selecting method will generate a new context instance after the Update is performed, which will get refreshed data.In the next release, Linq Data Source will be updated to use separate context instances for CUD operations than for Select.We will follow the previous post example for the data editing.

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OK, I suppose I'm going to see more of your designer page then.

, in the past there was a lot of attempt to allow the users to insert data through Header or Footer Template which is no longer required.

In this post I will show you the full data editing capabilities of and code.

Hi, I have created a C# website using Visual Studio 2008.

I am using an 3.5 listview control as the frontend to my sql server 2005 database backend.

Your code can handle this event but your code cannot raise it.