Leibniz labor for radiometric dating and isotope research

14-Nov-2017 09:09

These revisions can generate significant (100’s to 1000’s year) differences in calibrated ages.

In contrast, doubling the number of new coral calibration data pairs has increased resolution, and hence improved accuracy and precision in converting radiocarbon years to calendar years, but has not changed the overall shape of our curve.

There are sufficient calibration data such that our curve is stable and the primary improvements with future versions will be in the reduction of computed calendar year uncertainties. We appreciate the value of a stable internationally-ratified radiocarbon calibration curve; however, researchers want the best available calibration curve in order to make the most accurate and precise conversion of radiocarbon years to calendar years.

It shows that deciduous oaks dominated the natural vegetation of the area throughout the Holocene. Freitag, Institute of History, University of Münster, for the discussion of the historical reports of Strabo.

To avoid a proliferation of calibration curves using outdated versions of our calibration data, we will only offer an on-line version.

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