Large breasted woman dating

02-Nov-2017 04:55

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Try using your powers of reconnaissance; stare sideways at a woman while you're talking to another man, and then, later, when you start up a conversation with her, look her in the eye while enjoying the mental picture of her breasts.

This might all sound complicated, but it's really not.

For a while I tried wearing necklaces—I read in a women's magazine (a dubious source of information on any topic other than osteoporosis) that this would "draw the eye upward." Unfortunately, it merely provided an excuse for men's eyes to linger in this general area:"Hey, is that a necklace? ""England.""I've never been to England, but the longer I look at this necklace, you know, the more I feel I have."My advice, should you find yourself chatting with an amply endowed female, is to practice restraint.

Our breasts kind of have two—well, four—personalities. They're just part of my outfit, along with the right shoes, the right hose, the right earrings.