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While, in this increasingly dynamic universe, they are finding it difficult to find something to hold on to, they usually find something and demands an element of stability. According to a immigrant family coming from Europe (actually the grandson) just before World War I, there are three major differences now and “last time”. During that time there were people from “southern extraction” outnumbering the “natives”.Yes they formed groups but they dissolved themselves in the greater “melting pot”.

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So lets come to the point – some (according to rough estimates) 12million “undocumented” economic participants are integrated to the US economic ecosystem – some even business owners – and contributing to the GDP and yet form the “untouchables”. Walked to the embassy in Chennai with my appointment letter & my H1-B petition and walked out with a visa. The sad part is that I too am an economic immigrant.

And yes, Spanish is a grammatically rich language)Thanks to a various factors – the reasons can be taken up later – the Mexican poor finds some way to immigrate to the States and upon arrival they are promptly picked up.